Test Format

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Test item formats used in this examination are:

  • Multiple-choice: Examinee selects one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.

  • Multiple-response: Examinee selects more than one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.

All the questions asked in the exam are scenario-based. There are three parts to each question: A scenario, a question, and the options.

  • A scenario describes a situation with a use case or a client requirement on a Drupal site.

  • Then a question is asked about the scenario or the problem.

  • Four or more options are given for possible solutions from which the candidate needs to select the correct answer or answers. Take a look at the sample question:


Your company runs a social site where visitors are able to comment on many different content types. You've been asked to also enable commenting on the user entity.


What steps need to be taken to enable commenting on users?

Answer Choices

  1. Create a custom module that adds a "User" plugin for comments.

  2. Add a comment field to your user entity, and specify user as the target entity type in the field settings.

  3. Add an entity reference field to your user entity, which references the comment entity.

  4. Create a comment type that targets the user entity type, then add a comment field to your User entity that uses this new comment type.

(Correct answer - 4)

After looking at the sample question, you may realize that the questions rely on the application of Drupal concepts and knowledge rather than purely memorizing the facts, code, or syntax.

Reading through long lists of documentation or books is not sufficient for answering most questions. You need experience with a number of use cases, applications, common scenarios in a Drupal project. It will also help to have experience with support requests and issues to handle questions of this nature.

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