Steps to Certification

Newcomer: You are absolutely new to Drupal and Acquia products

Intermediate: You have Drupal development experience, but are new to the Acquia platform

Advanced: You have Drupal development experience, are familiar with the Acquia platform and wish to get certified.

Take Acquia Academy Courses

As a newcomer to the Acquia platform, take the introductory courses in Acquia Academy. This will start you on your journey to certification.

Free, self-paced e-learning video courses are also available at: A list of online resources and documentation for each learning domain in the Study Guide section of this study guide.

Gain Practical Experience

Completing the course may not make you ready to pass the certification exam. You need to have some real-life practical experience to attempt the exam. For this purpose, we recommend that you gain practical experience by working with at least 2-3 real life projects.

If you are not working on active projects using Acquia Cloud or other products, you can use the Acquia Cloud Free 30 Day Trial to prepare for the exam.

Perform Self Assessment

Once you decide to take the exam, we recommend that you study the domains and topics covered by the exam and their relative weightings. You should also perform a self assessment of your own areas of strength and weakness against the domains and topics covered by the exam blueprint. This is a recommended starting point for experienced Drupal 8 Developers.

Use Labs and Study Guide

Based on your self assessment, you may need to gain knowledge and experience in some domains or topics. The best way to learn is by working or experimenting with the tools. Follow the suggestions given for preparation in the Preparation section and refer to the external resources given in the Study Guide section.

Sit for Exam

At this stage, you should be ready to take the exam! Follow the 'Schedule A Test' link on and register for the exam. You may choose to take the proctored exam online from your home or work, or at a local testing center.

Learn more about the Acquia Certification Program at